Technical Information

Note: All details are subject to change.

Stage and Auditorium Floor Plans:

View of the stage from the rear of the auditorium

Stage Area:

On the flat
Performing area:
Approx 5.5m wide x 4.5m deep
SL 4m, SR 1m
4.6, 5.5 or 6.1m wide x 3.2m high
Power Supply:
4 double 13A sockets (2 on back wall of stage, and 1 in either wing), on a single 32A ring main.
2 x 32A 1ph sockets in SL wing
1.40m wide x 1.98m high double door on side of building, straight onto the SL wing. Approx 40cm step down to road level.

The outside of the stagedoor


Height to 'grid':
Approx 5.6m for down-stage and centre-stage. Approx 4.6m for up-stage. Note: There are three fixed lighting bars, a tab track and projector screen, all about 4.1m above the stage
Flying bars:
5 hemp line sets over down-stage and centre-stage area. Adjustable position
Up-stage backdrops use roll drops
Flyrail located SR, stage level
Masking & borders:
3 black, pairs of legs available, and two borders
Front tabs, burgundy
Centre-stage traverse curtain, black
Upper-stage traveler curtain, black

Rigging above the stage


7m wide x 8m deep x 3.2m high
70 raked seats. Front 4 rows and back row free standing. Remaining 3 rows fixed, but retractable
Power Supply:
4 double 13A sockets, on a single 32A ring main.
House Lights:
Low voltage down lighters, controlled either by a manual control in the control box or by DMX.
Disabled access:
Level access to the front of the auditorium, and a lift for access to the rear

View of the auditorium from the stage


4 x Zero 88 Betapack II (DMX) dimmer racks, with 36-way patch bay, all located in the SL wing.
2 x Strand Act 6 dimmer racks and a Zero88 demux are also available for an additional 12 channels. Limited to 32A per rack.
Lighting bars:
Three 6-way 15A IWBs, fixed 4.1m above the stage area
Two 3-way 15A sockets on the back stage wall
One 6-way 15A IWB FOH, fixed 3.2m high
Two 3-way 15A IWBs FOH 'perches', fixed 3.0m high
ETC SmartFade 2496, located in the control box at the back of the auditorium, and linked by DMX to the dimmers.
4 x SL 15/32
2 x SL 26
2 x SL 36
6 x Rama 150 (1KW), with barndoors
3 x S4 PAR, various lenses available, with barndoors
2 x PAR64 (1KW, CP60)
3 x Patt 123
6 x LDR inno A1000 asymmetric 1KW floodlights
2 x UV cannon
15A TRS:
Limited quantity of 15A TRS

The control box at the rear of the auditorium


Soundcraft SPIRIT FX16, located in the control box at the back of the auditorium.
2 x BSS Opal FCS-966 graphic equalisers. One for either amplifier.
Tascam MD-305 minidisc player
Tascam CD-A500 CD and cassette player
2 x Sony MDS JE520 minidisc players are available upon request
10 XLR sends
1 XLR send and 1 XLR return for comms
Speakers and Amplifiers:
FOH: 2 x Nexo PS15 speakers, managed by a PS15 TD Controller MK II, driven by a Crown Macro-Tech MA-3600VZ amplifier
Stage: 2 x Work WPL 1 speakers, driven by a Crown Xs500 amplifier
Induction loop:
SigNet AVX PDA1000 amplifier, fed by an ambient microphone above the stage.
Microphones (available upon request):
1 x Sennheiser e912 BK
1 x Sennheiser e614
2 x Sennheiser ew345 G2
4 x Sennheiser ew312 G2
Radio Mic Frequency Licencing:
No PMSE licence. Licence exempt frequencies are used.


Philips ProScreen PXG 20 (LC1241) - 1024x768 (4:3 format), 3000 lumen, located in control box at the rear of the auditorium
Electrically operated 16:9 format screen with 158" diagonal (3495mm x 1966mm) and 1:1 gain, hung just in front of the mid-stage traverse tabs. Alternatively the upstage cyc can be used, allowing for a stage-wide 4:3 format.
Denon DN-V300 DVD Player. Second one available upon request
Or any other VGA, composite, component or s-video source
VHS Player available upon request

Control Box:

Important Note: When the projector is being used, a perspex window is fitted to prevent the noise of the cooling fan from distracting the audience. The sound from the auditorium can then only be heard through a relay speaker, fed from a microphone located above the stage.

Stage equipment:

Stonewood dual channel intercomm system. 2 beltpacks in control box, and 2 beltpacks on stage (1 in either wing)
Zarges 3-Part Skymaster Ladder (3.0 - 6.9m)
Two stepladders - One small and one medium

The dressing rooms


Dressing rooms:
2 on ground floor, with interconnecting door
The rear half of the first floor can also be used, if more space is required
1 on ground floor
1 on 1st floor

Foyer (Ground floor):

4 Tables
15 Chairs
1 Female
1 Male
1 Disabled
Hand basin
2 kettles
8 litre water boiler

Bar (1st floor):

3 Tables
12 Chairs


Serves all four levels of the theatre
400KG (5 person) capacity

Internet Access:

There is no Internet access available within the theatre.

Mobile Phone Coverage:

Due to the location of the theatre, only the Vodafone network is accessible within the building.

Further Information:

If you have any further questions about a technical aspect of the theatre, just email (response usually within one day), or alternatively contact the theatre manager (see the contact us page for details).